Monday, July 6, 2009

Gearing back up! seems like so very little time has passed since our last day of school on May is it time for us to start back??? Granted we've been to Baltimore twice, the river a few times, physical therapy twice a week for Dalton, and out in our pool everyday. I've gotten the schoolroom straightened up and everything from last year is packed away and all the stuff for this year is up to date. The boys are ready...more-so Dalton than Hunter. Dalton is excited because this will be his first official start of school since he's starting kindergarten. We've been reading some books that I ordered from's a "get ready for kindergarten" pack. I'm excited about the new school year starting...looking so forward to getting back into some kind of a routine.

Stay tuned for more regular updates once we get started back. Right now my plans are to start back next week or the week after@

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