Sunday, March 8, 2009

Schooling Outside the Box

Yeah, that's me...finally! After only using Abeka for two years I am branching out. I am finally confident enough in my homeschool teaching ability that I am piecing together curriculum for the boys for next school year, which will start in July.

For Hunter's 2nd grade I have ordered
Easy Grammar w/teacher guide
All About Spelling
Handwriting Without Tears
Math Made Easy (superhero edition! lol)
Smart Steps 2nd grade cd curriculum to use for fun extra learning

For Dalton starting kindergarten I have ordered
Handwriting Without Tears (I will use it to teach letter recognition, formation, and their sounds)
Math Made Easy
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (already had this at home)
Smart Steps Kindergarten cd to use for extra fun learning

I have ordered Rosetta Stone Spanish for the boys and I to learn. I took French in high school and know virtually NO Spanish!

After pricing Abeka's material because they really step up this year with would have cost me about $400 JUST FOR HUNTER! Today I spent $191.52 for curriculum work for BOTH of the boys and the Rosetta Stone was $259 BUT it is something we will use for a long time, not just one semester or one year even..and when we are done w/it we can sell it because it has a very high re-sell value.

I will be listing Hunter's first grade material for sale soon, along w/the Abeka Kindergarten and 1st grade that I had already ordered for Dalton! LOL!! Good thing it still sells for a good amount and with them being new (at least the boys workbooks) I can get about what I paid for it.

I am SO ready for the next school year!! Abeka has become almost a chore for us and now I feel the best I have EVER felt about homeschooling!!