Wednesday, October 28, 2009

such good intentions! we are well into our school year and this is only the 2nd time that I've blogged! LOL! We've done a lot of neat things, fun things, regular things, etc but we've been more buys doing them than me taking pictures of them non stop. I've tried to do better and give a little insight into what we are working on currently.

Hunter turned 8 in September and we are rocking along pretty well with his schoolwork. We have just (this week!) tackled lapbooking and our first unit studay is on Stellaluna. It's going well..I'm amazed at what all we are learning from a little book about a bat that was dropped into a nest of birds!

This unit study should only last us this week and who knows what we'll get into after this one. Hunter has a lot of interest in many things and lapbooking is a great way for him to learn a lot while having fun and not really feel like he's doing "school".

Dalton is 5 and in kindergarten. He is working on a notebook every week based on one letter of the alphabet. We have done a good many so far and I will *try* to go back and take pics of them so that you can see what we did. This week our letter is the letter "Ff". Here is his "F" book.

For each letter we have several worksheets and projects to do...for the "Ff" we have talked about frogs, fish, firetrucks, five, feelings, and obviously a FOOT! I painted the bottom of his foot blue and he stepped on to his folder! We are sure making great memories with these books! Here he is working on some pages for his notebook.

I just love those chubby little fingers!

Sometimes Hunter does his reading workbooks in his room..(or in this picture Dalton's room)

Here's Dalton working on a worksheet about

We are looking at possibly re-joining a homeschool co-op in our area..I am wanting the boys to start going to park days so that they can meet some other homeschooled children and for me to meet some other moms as well.