Thursday, August 27, 2009

a glimpse into our day

The basics:

2 boys

Hunter, age 7, 2nd grade

Dalton, age 5, kindergarten

Here's Dalton sitting at his desk drawing in a notebook. You can see his "workbox" at the right in the picture. His workbox contains 12 large envelopes and there are all kinds of different things in the folders..anything from worksheets, to books, to projects, to play dough (well not technically IN the folder but just behind it or something). Dalton LOVES his workbox and is not amused with me if there is ever a schoolday that I don't have them fixed for him.

Here's Dalton, again, working a worksheet on "Where Does It Belong"...there is a barn and a house and he draws a line from objects on the paper to where they belong (table, tractor, etc).

Hunter working in his Handwriting Without Tears workbook..and tears...hahaha..rolling eyes.

Here's Dalton about to work on his lapbook/notebook (not sure what it should be called) on the letter "A". We are doing a lapbook for each letter of the alphabet.

Hunter found Banangrams in one of his folders today!

Dalton coloring (and yawning..ROFL) can see his "A" folder at the front of his desk. He decorated his "A" with stickers..ants, apples, and an alligator!

Hunter doing math work and using his Base Ten Blocks to help him figure it all out.

Dalton coloring in his Handwriting Without Tears book. He is at the pre-k/K level and the main focus is learning to hold the pencil correctly, stopping on a line, etc.

Here is a shot of the boys at their desks so you can sort of see how our classroom looks...

Dalton working a puzzle...

Hunter reading to me.

Dalton making a book (I found it online and it mimics the book "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?")

Now, granted, this showed quite a bit of seat work...we also do lots of other fun hands on activities most days as well. We have a flannel board and lots of story pieces, puppets, play dough, a huge art cart, etc.

I will try to take pics of the things that we do. Hunter is starting a unit study on the solar system and he's going to make a lapbook about it. We have a cup with all the letters of the alphabet in it and Dalton drew next weeks letter for us to learn and it is the letter "Gg". Should be fun!